5 Unique Designs

As you search through hundreds of log and timber floor plans, you may find that many of them will start to look very similar.  In an effort to get your creative juices flowing, here are some of our most creative and “out of the log home box” designs:

The Cascade

The Cascade is not your typical timber frame design.  With tall timber framed windows that help to hold up the angled timber beams in the roof, this plan really makes a statement. The Cascade concept was inspired by modern Northwestern architecture and provides a great example of how timber frame home design can be pushed outside traditional boundaries.

The Chaumont

The growing trend in mountain style design has been to incorporate many textures and elements into the design of the home.  The Chaumont illustrates how a design can combine square log walls, timber framing, vertical siding, and stone to create a unique living space.

The Targhee


Modern lines and use of large windows is evident, however the incorporation of weathered siding and chinking add a rustic flair.  This is the kind of design that could easily be found in a resort town or development, as it effortlessly blends old and new.

The Upland Retreat


There are many aspects of the Upland Retreat design that could inspire your home: the curved entryway with metal roof; the combination of handcrafted log walls and custom timber frame trusses; or the glass walls that open to the patio.  If you are looking for unique design and one-of-a-kind homes, this is a great place to start.

The Washington Harbor


When thinking about the design of your home, don’t forget to think about the opportunities that outdoor living space can provide.  The Washington Harbor adds actual space to its layout by incorporating a large, covered outdoor space.  The outdoor living room and kitchen are completely covered and have their own built-in fireplace.  Entry is gained from the home through a glass Nana Wall system, while natural light filters down through the clerestory windows.  Outdoor living at its best!

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