A New Post and Beam Design – The Huntington

When we’re dreaming and doodling a log home into existence, most of us focus on things like floor plan and traffic flow, log style and guest accommodations.  But you’re sure to want livable outdoor spaces, too, so planning for them early is a smart move that will help you get the most out of your dream log home.

Post and Beam Log Home, The HungintonThe newly released Huntington post and beam log home plan from M.T.N Design is a great example of a home with clever, comfortable outdoor living areas.  On the first floor of this handcrafted post and beam home, the great room’s dramatic glass wall opens to more than 200 square feet of covered patio, allowing indoor activity to spill outside without having to contend with the beating sun or rain. A second covered patio is conveniently placed outside the kitchen. Designed as a dedicated barbeque area, this patio is also large enough that the cook can have some company.

Don’t forget the second story when you’re planning your outdoor spaces. The gem of the Huntington plan is the second story covered balcony. Placed at the corner of the house, it capitalizes on the view due to both its height and its two open walls, while the two solid walls offer protection from the wind. Adding to the considerable romance of the balcony is its stone fireplace, which allows the space to serve as a three-season outdoor room.

When making your log home plans, consider where you might want to step outside. Would a private patio off the master bedroom enhance your mornings? Perhaps an outdoor extension of the dining room would facilitate the al fresco dinners you love. Planning for outdoor spaces early on will help you maximize living space – and the enjoyment of your log home.

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  1. Tom says:

    That idea of the 2nd. story balcony is something you don’t see as often as one might expect. I love this example. People too often get wrapped up in planning the home and don’t consider the ‘outside possibilities’ until it is too late.

    Great design, love it,