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One Couple’s Journey: A Legacy Timber Frame Home

Friday, June 12th, 2009

For years, PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design have released a new log and timber frame home design each month. The purpose? To inspire and excite log home enthusiasts world-wide and to give them a variety of creative plans to browse.   With over 65 of M.T.N Design’s most admired log home plans now showcased online, PrecisionCraft’s wide ranging floor plan gallery offers a lot of design inspiration!

So, what’s next for this artistic duo?  Showing you how these great designs come to life, of course!  Hold on tight as this creative team takes you for a detour over the next four months, sharing real life stories of how M.T.N Design’a new design creations come to life.   Get the inside scoop on what inspired each home’s design – was it to build a legacy for family generations to come, to incorporate “green” elements to ensure energy efficiency, or to create an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy?  Despite the reason behind the design, you are sure to find inspiration for your own log home design here!

This Month’s Story: Building a Legacy Home – see how Kelly and Marie take M.T.N Design’s Laurette Chateau floor plan and turn it into their own legacy timber frame home!

Kelly & Marie’s Story

BONUS Feature!   Each online feature story is equipped with an interactive floor plan tool.  If you like the layout of the great room and want to see it come to life, simply click on the room… easy as that!

M.T.N Design Honored at the 2009 Country’s Best Design Awards

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Country's Best Log Home DesignsPrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design receive top recognition in the 2009 Log Homes Design Awards!  Hosted by Country’s Best, the contest’s judges included the magazine’s editors and contributors.  “We thought we’d pack this, our first annual Country’s Best Log Homes Design Awards, with page after page of the most stellar designs the log home industry has to offer,” said the magazine editors.

There were ten categories ranging from Best Staircase Design to Best Master Suite.  Take a look at these five “stellar” floor plans, designed by M.T.N Design, that took center stage in this year’s design contest.

Best Plan Over 2,500 Square Feet:  The Trailside Log Home Plan

Trailside Floor Plan What the judges had to say:

“Sometimes an expansive floor plan can make a home feel more like a museum, but that’s not the case here. Atmosphere-inducing design details create a cozy feel, even with a large footprint.”

“Although the multiple living spaces were designed for a specific purpose, the rooms were laid out in a way that creates an overall plan that flows seamlessly, making the home easy to navigate.” Get a closer look at the Trailside floor plan.

Best Use of Exterior Space:  The Washington Harbor Log Home Plan

Washington Harbor Floor Plan A single level with lots of character, the Washington Harbor was designed specifically to blend in with its surroundings. The design is drawn at 2,366 sq.ft.  Here is what the judges loved most about this custom design:

“Walk out of this timber-heavy design and you’re instantly greeted by a sprawling patio, designed to take advantage of your gorgeous setting.”

“This outdoor living space combines the best aspects of an indoor great room with the open air of outside.  Access to this amazing space is gained through the large NanaWall system, which .  .  .  creates a seamless transition from the indoors out.”  Close up of the Washington Harbor log home floor plan.

Most Creative Log Home Master Bedroom Suite: The Rockpoint Floor Plan (Modification)

Rockpoint Log Home Master Bedroom Suite Designed as a milled log home, the Rockpoint is a popular plan.  Using the original design as inspiration, the homeowners modified the plan to get this award-winning master suite.  Here is what the judges had to say:

“An arched entryway to the bedroom adds dramatic flair to this setting, as does the vaulted ceiling. Private entry to a covered porch with a view completes the five-star hotel effect.”

“Adjacent to the entry hallway—which gives it a presidential-suite feel—a private, bay-window-encased nook can contain the perfect sitting room or walk-in closet.”  See the original Rockpoint design.

Other Plans by Mountain Architects Recognized

Multi-Level Log Home Plan:  The Hidden Creek Floor Plan

Hidden Creek Craftsman Style Floor Plan The Hidden Creek is drawn as a handcrafted log home design with timber frame accents. The three levels provide room for extra bedrooms, a large mudroom and a basement-level 3-car garage.

See if the Hidden Creek is your idea of the best multi-level mountain style floor plan.

Most Creative Kitchen: The Hermosa Vista Log Home Plan (Modification)

Hermosa Vista Timber Frame Kitchen The Hermosa Vista has a kitchen that flows from the formal dining area and out onto the patio, through the innovative NanaWall™ window.  A convenient large pantry with extra oven is the envy of most amateur chefs.

See the entire Hermosa Vista floor plan.  Let it inspire your own ideas of perfection.

The Truckee Turns Heads as the Final Rustic Luxury Cabin Design

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

With the close of the first month in 2009 just around the corner, Mountain Architects releases its final design in the Rustic Luxury Log Cabins & Plans series.  The Truckee log cabin plan is a unique log post and beam design with stone integrated throughout.  This single-level log cabin home, with just over 1,500 square feet of livable space, brings together rustic tradition with a touch of elegance.  Its layout is simple yet offers the perfect blend of warmth combined with attractive natural materials.

View the Rustic Luxury Truckee Log Cabin Home Plan
Rustic Luxury Log Cabin Home - the Truckee

Rustic Luxury Log Cabins & Plans

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

The exclusive collection, Rustic Luxury Log Cabins & Plans, recently released by M.T.N Design now features three attractive, unique cabin designs complete with luxurious finishes.  Designed for discriminating homeowners who are seeking the best in mountain style living, but in a smaller, more intimate home, this new series offers the perfect blend of warmth, attractive natural materials and high-end finishes.

Targhee Log Home Design

Released in December 2009 is the Targhee Log Cabin Plan.  With 2,296 square feet of livable space, the Targhee features a three-level design with a master suite on each level.  Unique to this cabin design is a dining space with windows on three sides – perfect for enjoying a great view of the snow covered mountains.  The Targhee also features over 600 square feet in porches and decks making it possible to enjoy the outdoors from every floor of this log cabin retreat. The massive stone fireplace just outside the kitchen area on the main level adds character and warmth to this Appalachian style cabin.
Targhee Log Cabin Home - Rustic Luxury Log Cabins & Plans


Trian, Rustic Luxury Log Cabin

November’s design featured a French Country timber frame cabin – the Trian.  This beautiful timber frame cabin home features barreled tile roofing and stone commonly seen in the French Riviera.  For a unique look and feel, M.T.N Design also incorporated beveled edge siding as well as beautifully crafted timber frame braces surrounding the large bowed window just off the great room. The large stone fireplace on the open patio completes the look and feel of this Rustic Luxury Log Cabin home.

With 2,039 square feet on the main level, the Trian timber frame floor plan features an open design with bold timber framing throughout the kitchen, dining room and great room areas. With an additional 227 square feet, the loft area is perfect for a library or small office.
Trian Timber Frame Cabin Home - Rustic Luxury Log Cabins & Plans

Telluride Log Cabin Home

M.T.N Design kicked off the new Rustic Luxury series in October with the Telluride.  This luxury, single level log cabin home features a unique combination of stone, bark siding, beautifully crafted character logs, glass and milled log walls.

With 1,560 square feet of livable space, the Telluride log cabin creates a sense of warmth and coziness – truly a cabin in the woods.  Its floor plan features a simple layout with vaulted ceilings, dual master suites, and of course, a great room with a view window.
Telluride Log Cabin Home - Rustic Luxury Log Cabins & Plans

Stay tuned for M.T.N Design’s final addition to the Rustic Luxury series.  With the New Year comes the release of M.T.N Design’s best cabin design yet!  See the entire line of Rustic Luxury log cabins at

Log Homes & Kitchen Design

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Many considerations go into the design of the perfect log home kitchen. Below are a few things to consider in your one-on-one meeting with your M.T.N Design designer.

Architectural Style & Lifestyle
There is no one style of log homes these days.  Buyers are more sophisticated in their choices, beyond the typical Western log home style exterior.  They may choose to live in a French Country, Appalachian or Craftsman style log or timber frame home.  As with the exterior look and feel, architectural style also comes to life inside the home; notably in the layout and design of the kitchen.  A French Country kitchen may, for example, incorporate more refined materials and cabinetry while a Craftsman style kitchen may utilize extensive beam-work.

Along with the architectural style, lifestyle has its role in the layout of the kitchen.  Log homes are traditionally more open and casual in layout; a trait generally reflective of those who enjoy entertaining family and friends.  If entertaining is a top priority, the kitchen will act as more than a place to prepare food. Its layout, style, and accents become a focus of the home itself.  A large island strategically placed, for example, will encourage guests to mingle and share their stories.  In addition, an open layout can create a seamless flow from the kitchen area to the great room; a great way to make all guests feel valued and included.

The art of entertaining will also affect the number and choices of appliances.  A summer barbeque is more easily accomplished if access to the deck or patio from the kitchen is simple.  Or, open the entire kitchen up to an outdoor kitchen / barbeque area with a Nana Wall system. Guests are sure to love the uninterrupted flow to the outside.

The View
Many decide to build their dream log home only after finding a lot with the perfect view.  The kitchen and great room often share the best view by incorporating a good amount of glass in the design. One note to consider, however, is the effect on the layout of the kitchen…a lot of windows can take away from the amount of upper cabinets available which in turn may necessitate a separate pantry for storage.

Orientation to Adjoining Spaces
As stated above, today’s log homes are more casual in nature.  The formal relationship between the living, dining and kitchen has been replaced by an open floor plan that brings the kitchen into the main living experience of the home.  Instead of the kitchen being blocked off from the rest of the living area by walls, the only thing separating it from the living room may be a kitchen island. Therefore, the choice of materials in the kitchen becomes even more important in the overall ambiance of the home.

Layout of Kitchen & Appliances
The more casual outdoor lifestyle that is inherent in log homes distinguishes the design of the kitchen from that in other types of homes.  In addition to the usual work zones for preparation, cooking and clean-up, additional storage or indoor grilling may also be necessary.  Several under-counter refrigerator doors and other specialty appliances may also be added in various locations in the kitchen for the active, casual lifestyle.  It is not unusual for a log home to be in a remote location which may require the addition of a large pantry in the kitchen.  Items such as a wine cooler, indoor grill or freezer may also be added.

Use of Logs or Timbers in the Kitchen
The use of a log beam, timber ceiling, or vertical log or timber posts in the kitchen adds interest to the design.  Vaulted ceilings utilizing log or timber trusses greatly increase the drama of the space.  For added architectural appeal, vertical logs are often incorporated at the under-counter face of the kitchen island.

Tip: Frequently, clients ask how wall cabinets are installed on a round log wall.  Cabinets are typically hung by way of furring on the face of the log wall which provides a plumb surface for the cabinets to hang from.