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Tour this Handcrafted Log Cabin Home

Monday, August 5th, 2013

 Rustic Charm Meets Luxury StyleInspired Living: Handcrafted Log Cabin Home

Log home enthusiasts worldwide will love PrecisionCraft’s final Inspired Living story.  With a 360 degree view of the Lemhi Range, access to Idaho’s finest rivers and headwaters, and a style reminiscent of an old mining town, this handcrafted log cabin home blends modern design with true rustic living!

View from a Handcrafted Log Cabin Home  Handcrafted Log Home Bedroom  Inspired Living Handcrafted Log Home Story

Over the past few months, PrecisionCraft has presented its Inspired Living stories, real life examples of clients creating extraordinary log homes. This month, PrecisionCraft takes you on a tour of its final Inspired Living home, a beautiful handcrafted log cabin home nestled in the Lemhi Range just outside Mackay, Idaho. Get the full story behind this rustic log cabin home.

Find more design inspiration in PrecisionCraft’s award winning Log Home Plans Gallery.  Here you will find PrecisionCraft’s featured Client Variations; examples of how their clients have taken an M.T.N Design plan and customized it to make it their own.  Now that’s Inspired Living!

M.T.N Design’s Favorite Projects of 2012

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

As the year comes to a close, everyone here at PrecisionCraft reflects on all of the amazing log and timber home projects we have been able to work on this year. For our in-house design firm, M.T.N Design, each home they’ve drawn leaves them with a unique memory. We sat down with our designers and had them each tell us about of the projects that resonated with them and why. Here are the 2012 projects they chose.

 Colorado Timber Frame

Timber Frame Tahoe

Version of the Beartooth

This timber frame home, inspired by the unique floor plan and prominent view-facing elevation of the Beartooth concept, is set to be built in Trinidad in 2013. Tim, M.T.N designer for the project, chose this as one of his favorites for the year not only for the breathtaking location, but for the unique circumstances. “The home is being built by a very close group of friends that have built a business together and now want a vacation ranch home together so that their families can all utilize it.” Tim said. This 6,500 square foot home features specialty spaces like; bunk rooms for all of the families’ children and four master suites on the second level.

Connecticut Timber Frame

Version of the Laurette Chateau

Original Laurette Chateau

When we asked Scott what project stood out for him, he spoke of one located in Connecticut that is currently in the design process. He chose this home for its open floor plan and the visibility of the timber frame structure from the home’s entrance. With 100 acres of property to build on, this family hopes to retain the french country themes of the  Laurette Chateau, while creating a floor plan that fits their need for spaces like a carriage house attached to the garage.

California Handcrafted

Peaks Lodge Design

Version of the Peaks Lodge

The rugged look of the Adirondack-style Peaks Lodge is what spurred the design of this California handcrafted log home design. Matt, the in-house designer for this project, selected it as one of his favorites for the year due to the design challenge it presented and the passion of the homeowners. Despite the restrictive guidelines set forth by their development, Matt worked hard with his clients to achieve the exact plan they had been dreaming of, which included almost 1,000 additional square feet for extra bedrooms and specialty rooms.

Oregon Timber Frame

Timber Frame Home

Custom Timber Frame Design

An eclectic mix of architectural styles and an Oceanside location are what Design Manager, Celeste believes makes this custom timber frame project one the most unique of the year. Designed for a couple residing in London, the house will be built a stone’s-throw away from Oregon’s coastal waters. Due to its narrow lot, the project’s designer worked with the clients to develop a floor plan that accommodates the lot dimensions and would still include the layout they wished to see in the home. One-of-a-kind elements were also included to the design, like a spiral staircase that leads from the garage to an Art attic, and a lighthouse that powers the home’s ventilation.


To see other projects that are on the boards, visit the M.T.N Design website.

Specialty Rooms

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Pool Room

A traditional theme in mountain-style homes is the focus on central gathering spaces. Great rooms, kitchens and dining rooms blend to create spacious, open floor plans for groups of all sizes to come together. While these spaces are very common within log and timber homes, here are a few examples of unique rooms that you may not expect to find in the average log home.

Exercise Room

From lap pools to saunas to personal gyms, the inclusion of dedicated exercise spaces are becoming more common.  People who build homes in the mountains tend to have an  active lifestyle. By including spaces for an indoor lap pool in the winter or a sauna to sit in after a long day of skiing, their mountain-style home allows them to bring their passion for exercise into every season, no matter their location.

Animal Rooms

Sauna Room

Birds, Cats and Dogs, oh my! By designing rooms for animals of all shapes and sizes, families are able to incorporate their love for their furry friend into their home.  One such client dedicated a room to her parrots, including a central drain and an old vault cage door in the design. Another client, tired of dog paws across the floor, added doggy doors and showers in the mud room to create a buffer between the home and the outdoor dirt.

Secret Rooms

Building a new home should be an exciting and creative process. With all of the freedom to customize your log home, why not add private spaces of your own? We’ve created plans with secret playrooms in the back of children’s closet, studies behind swinging bookcases and even safe rooms for added precaution. There is no limit to the rooms we can include in your home to fit your unique lifestyle.

Inspired Living: Sustainable Log Home Retreat

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Mark and Crystal were an Oregon couple who wanted to build a winter home that would accommodate their cold-weather hobbies. Inspired by the natural beauty of their Mt. Hood location and the idea of living sustainably, they wanted their home to be a winter escape that could still maintain consistent temperatures throughout the year. With the help of PrecisionCraft Log and Timber Homes and its design firm, M.T.N Design, the couple was able to build a stunning winter retreat that became the first true log home to receive a LEED Platinum Certification. Read Mark and Crystal’s inspired living story of how they made their winter home super-efficient as well as tailored to their needs.

Sustainable Log Home Retreat

Inspired Living: Jackson Hole Haven

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

The McKinney’s log home inspiration came at a very young age, spurred by the work of artisans and laborers who’d gone before him, and a love for the landscape of the American West.  Decades later the dream of his own log home hadn’t faded, so McKinney followed it to a parcel of land with a view of the Grand Tetons, then a meeting with M.T.N Design, to start making the dream come true.  Follow the link to read about Jim’s journey and see pictures of his dream home realized.  Inspired Living: Jackson Hole Haven – A Custom Handcrafted Log Home.

Inspired Living: A Custom Handcrafted Log Home