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Tour this Handcrafted Log Cabin Home: PrecisionCraft’s Inspired Living

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Inspired Living: Handcrafted Log Cabin Home

Rustic Handcrafted Log Home in Idaho

Log home enthusiasts worldwide will love PrecisionCraft’s final Inspired Living story.  With a 360 degree view of the LemhiRange, access to Idaho‘s finest rivers and headwaters, and a style reminiscent of an old mining town, this handcrafted log cabin home blends modern design with true rustic living!

View from a Handcrafted Log Cabin Home Handcrafted Log Home Bedroom Inspired Living Handcrafted Log Home Story

Over the past few months, PrecisionCraft has presented its Inspired Living stories, real life examples of clients turning M.T.N Design’s concepts into extraordinary log homes. This month, PrecisionCraft takes you on a tour of its final Inspired Living home, a beautiful handcrafted log cabin home nestled in the LemhiRange just outside Mackay, Idaho. Get the full story behind this rustic log cabin home.

Find more design inspiration in PrecisionCraft’s award winning Log Home Plans Gallery.  Here you will find PrecisionCraft’s featured Client Variations; examples of how their clients have taken a M.T.N Design plan and customized it to make it their own.  Now that’s Inspired Living!    

Learn more about building log homes in Idaho or view a map of PrecisionCraft’s homes!

One Log Home Plan Inspires Three Stunning Log Homes

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Award-Winning Woodhaven Floor Plan - Three Amazing Log Homes

Last month, PrecisionCraft announced its new Inspired Living feature sharing real life stories of how M.T.N Design’s new design creations come to life.  This month, the award winning team shows how one log home plan, the award-winning Woodhaven, inspired three separate couples to build their dream homes; each customized to match a different lifestyle, architectural taste and budget.

Read the full Inspired Living story and try out PrecisionCraft’s customized Comparison Tool to see side by side comparisons (photos and floor plans) of each featured home.

This Inspired Living feature begins with an Idaho couple, Sandy and Dennis.  For years, this couple dreamed of building a log home.  But, it wasn’t until they found PrecisionCraft’s Woodhaven plan that they knew it was time to make that dream a reality.  And, with children, grandchildren & a large extended family living within driving distance, they knew their home’s design had to fit their specific, family-centered needs.

Then there is Carol’s story.  Inspired by the same Woodhaven floor plan, Carol worked with M.T.N Design, PrecisionCraft’s design firm, to design a home that combined the rustic look and feel of a traditional log home but with a modern twist.  From a restaurant style kitchen with movable pieces, easy-to-clean cement floors, and a lower level designed to host parties and entertain guests, every room in her home has an underlying purpose.

Lastly, there is Dave and Penny.  This couple wanted a home that would stand out; an authentic, handcrafted log home.  Dave and Penny worked with their designer to customize the Woodhaven, room by room, paying close attention to how the logs came together and where stone accents were incorporated.

With an inspiring floor plan and PrecisionCraft’s skilled team of architects, engineers, log & timber manufacturers and builders, each couple started at the same place but ended up with a one-of-a-kind log home, specifically designed to match their own architectural style and budget.

“This is the kind of thing our clients want to see, says M.T.N  designer, Matt Franklin.  “Real life examples of how their designer can modify a floor plan to match their needs, from simply altering its layout and size to integrating a completely unique combination of log and timber.”

One Couple’s Journey: A Legacy Timber Frame Home

Friday, June 12th, 2009

For years, PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design have released a new log and timber frame home design each month. The purpose? To inspire and excite log home enthusiasts world-wide and to give them a variety of creative plans to browse.   With over 65 of M.T.N Design’s most admired log home plans now showcased online, PrecisionCraft’s wide ranging floor plan gallery offers a lot of design inspiration!

So, what’s next for this artistic duo?  Showing you how these great designs come to life, of course!  Hold on tight as this creative team takes you for a detour over the next four months, sharing real life stories of how M.T.N Design’a new design creations come to life.   Get the inside scoop on what inspired each home’s design – was it to build a legacy for family generations to come, to incorporate “green” elements to ensure energy efficiency, or to create an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy?  Despite the reason behind the design, you are sure to find inspiration for your own log home design here!

This Month’s Story: Building a Legacy Home – see how Kelly and Marie take M.T.N Design’s Laurette Chateau floor plan and turn it into their own legacy timber frame home!

Kelly & Marie’s Story

BONUS Feature!   Each online feature story is equipped with an interactive floor plan tool.  If you like the layout of the great room and want to see it come to life, simply click on the room… easy as that!

Designing a Timber Frame Home Around a Pool

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Michael and Denise came to us with a very unique request. They wanted to design a Craftsman style home around their already existing swimming pool. Why build a home around a swimming pool? A great question and one that we had to ask as well!

Recently, Michael and Denise purchased a home built in the late 1980s but it wasn’t the home itself that had them sold. The layout of the home they purchased featured a formal entry, separated living areas, and smaller bedrooms with wardrobe closets. A design and layout very typical of the 1980s but not so appreciated by Michael and Denise who were looking for a more contemporary home. But, the home was nestled in a heavily wood area in Granite Falls, WA, complete with distant views of the beautiful Cascade Mountains and a pool with a one-of-a-kind story.

The most outstanding feature of this 1980s home is the kidney-shaped pool located in the daylight basement. This pool took quite a bit of planning and hard work to get it positioned perfectly. Huge granite boulders buried deep in the landscape that Michael and Denise love so much were carved out to make room for a pool. Their existing 1980s home is to be torn down (while saving the pool) and replaced with a Craftsman style, timber frame home complete with a contemporary flair. The layout of their new home will feature a more informal and open design incorporating new spaces and features such as offices, a workout room, a steam room, a caretaker’s apartment over the garage, and an elevator.

Well, it sounds like a great project; a fun challenge. One that the team at M.T.N Design and PrecisionCraft is eager to take on! Be sure to check back with us periodically as we plan to follow this project all the way through.

Making this Log Home Project Happen.

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

As an architectural firm that specializes in the design of log homes, we see many different projects with an array of build site conditions and design specifications. But, this log home design story is unique. It is a story of a challenging build site and a client’s rather unique design request.

When we first met with this Florida client, we learned that he was looking to build a handcrafted log home in Breckenridge, CO. Great! Sounds rather straightforward, right? This client currently resides in a very nice French Country style home in the beautiful Sunshine State – a flatlander’s paradise. Completely in love with the home he has lived in for years, this Florida client tells us that he wants his home – the floor plan exactly as is – to sit on his steep build site in Breckenridge, CO.

Now, when I say steep, I am not using the word lightly. My colleague and I flew into Colorado for a site visit to meet our client’s builder at a restaurant that sits only 7 blocks from where we were staying — what we thought would be an easy walk. After a steep climb, and a few fast beating hearts, we found ourselves at the restaurant and unable to talk as we were so out of breath. We then realized we were in a town that was 7,000 feet higher than home.  But what a terrific view on the customer’s property! As we gained our breaths and looked around, we began to understand our client’s desire to build his log home on that very spot in Breckenridge, CO.

It is while we stood there taking in the view that we truly realized the scope of the task ahead of us. Not only were we faced with a challenging build site, but we also had to find a way to squeeze a handcrafted log version of our client’s Florida home on the steep ground we were standing on and stay under the height limit imposed by the CC&R’s.

As if the challenging build site and unique floor plan layout were not enough, a quick review of the development’s CC&Rs revealed that we were faced with a few more challenges. From ridge lengths to wall heights, the list of design dos and don’ts began to grow. And, to top it all off, our client has the great pleasure of building his log home next to two members of the development’s design review board; two members interested in watching his every move.

In the log home design business, you learn to embrace and even welcome every challenge. From the steep build site to the development’s strict guidelines, we will make this log home dream a reality for our Florida client. As for the design review board members…all we can say is, “Go ahead. Keep watching our every move. We are well on our way to making it happen!”

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