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The Dakota Log Home Floor Plan – A New Addition

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Inspired by the popular Crested Butte log & timber hybrid home, the Dakota, smaller in size, catches the eye with its unique flavor.Dakota Log Home Floor Plan

Since its introduction, the Crested Butte has been one of PrecisionCraft’s most popular designs. This overwhelming response to the Crested Butte design has inspired PrecisionCraft’s design division, M.T.N Design to create the Dakota.  Once you tour the Dakota floor plan showcased in PrecisionCraft’s Log Home Floor Plan Gallery, its similarities to the Crested Butte will catch your eye. But, at the same time, you will notice that the Dakota has its own unique features making it a remarkable design in its own right.

The Dakota, featured above, is 600 square feet smaller than the Crested Butte, but still packs a lot of character with its unique design elements. The large vaulted great room has custom timber trusses running from the inside out. The open kitchen, dining and great room area is ideal for entertaining, while the main level master suite includes a fireplace and private access to the patio. Each of the bedrooms on the second level has its own bathroom with the second bedroom featuring a private balcony.

As rendered, the Dakota turnkeys at approximately $700,000. By keeping the same timber frame elements, but substituting the log walls for conventional framing, M.T.N design was able to create a Mountain Accent™ version of the Dakota that retains its unique design characteristics but turnkeys at approximately $550,000.  See the two versions of the Dakota log home floor plan.

The Dakota, as with all of PrecisionCraft’s floor plans, can be customized to fit a client’s personal style, build location, and turnkey budget. Alter the size of this log home plan, adjust its design complexity, and learn how home finishes can impact the overall turnkey cost of the Dakota and PrecisionCraft’s other log home floor plans. Clients work directly with the team at PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design to custom design their homes. A successful home building project begins with great design!

M.T.N Design and PrecisionCraft provide the best in custom design services. With the most design awards in the industry, this team walks clients through the home building process – from conception to move in.

For more information on custom design services or Mountain Accent Homes, please visit PrecisionCraft’s Custom Log Home Solution Center at or call 800-729-1320.

Clearwater Timber Frame Home Plan

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Clearwater Timber Frame Home Floor Plan Who says it has to be all about log? Check out this new design by PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design’s log home designers. The focus this month is on timber frame! The Clearwater is a modern timber frame floor plan that fits in with both new developments and rustic locations.

The unique look of the Clearwater timber frame plan integrates stone, glass, timber and siding. The floor plan is open and works well for entertaining, while the master suite is secluded and has private access to the patio area. The second floor bedroom has its own private balcony with an innovative clear railing system.

Clearwater Timber Frame Main Floor Clearwater Timber Frame Plan - 2nd Floor

The Clearwater, as well as all standard floor plans found at PrecisionCraft’s log home floor plan gallery, can be designed to match the look and feel of any client. In addition, the Clearwater can be customized in size and layout. Standard floor plans such as the Clearwater are simply starting points for your own unique vision.

Adding timber frame elements to a log home design is a growing trend today. Visit PrecisionCraft’s Log Home Solution Center to learn more about this hot trend or to view 65+ log home and timber home plans.

The Outdoors at the Heart of Your Log Home Plan

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Alderbrook Log Home Floor Plan - A Log Home for the Great Outdoors A prospective client’s love for the great outdoors inspired the creation of this log home floor plan design, The Alderbrook.

With the natural environment at the heart of the Alderbrook log home plan, enjoying the outdoors just got easier. A screened-in porch complete with a fireplace is perfect for warming up the chilly evenings. The Indian summer days are best enjoyed on the open deck or over breakfast on the dining porch.

This unique design concept initiated out of Log Home Living’s new feature You Dream, We Design. Log Home Living asked M.T.N Design to design a log home plan based on a prospective client’s needs and desires. The results, published online, were astonishing! After hearing many great comments regarding the design’s focus on the outdoors, PrecisionCraft decided to make the design September’s “Log Home Design of the Month.”

Every new floor plan created by the team at PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design is professionally rendered to help clients think about the look and feel they want in their log home. As rendered, the Alderbrook shows how a combination of materials – log, timber, glass, & stone – can work together to create a one-of-a-kind log home. Clients looking for classic log homes or a full timber frame homes can work with their M.T.N designer to customize the Alderbrook to match their own architectural style preference.

As drawn, the estimated turnkey cost of the Alderbrook is $530,000. This estimate reflects PrecisionCraft’s past log home building experiences and average construction costs generated by 3rd party, national data (RS Means Data). M.T.N Design works to refine this turnkey cost estimate, which may be more or less taking into consideration a client’s specific build location, build site conditions, and design modifications. Learn more about this log home turnkey cost estimating service provided to PrecisionCraft’s clients.

Finding a Little Inspiration for Your Own Log Home.

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Fine Tuning Your Log Home Vision

What is the purpose of showcasing different log home floor plans?

To inspire you. To get you thinking about your own unique home – whether it be a rustic log home, an artfully crafted timber frame home, or a hybrid home.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine walking through the door of your getaway mountain retreat. What do you see when you first walk into your home? Rustic log pillars? A view of the mountainside outside the glass wall facing you? How do you plan to use your home – to entertain? Or, is your home a private retreat for you? As you make the journey up your driveway, what does your home look like? How is it positioned on your land?

One of the best ways to bring your log home vision together is to explore a variety of log home floor plans and to find log home pictures that inspire you.  Then, find an architect experienced at designing log & timber frame homes that is willing to work with you to not only understand your vision but also to brainstorm with you the style, look, feel, layout, and size of your home.

Each month, our architectural division, M.T.N Design, works to create a new log home design. These designs reflect our past experiences with our clients, our architects own passion for log homes, and the latest trends in the log home industry.  Will one of these new log home floor plans meet your every need and expectation? Probably not. But you will find certain features in each plan that inspire you, that make you rethink your own log home vision. In addition, every new floor plan is professionally rendered to help you think about the look and feel of the exterior of your home.  What does your log home, timber home, or hybrid mountain retreat look like? Is it rustic in appearance – much like the Caribou plan? Or, is your dream home more modern in appearance with an eclectic use of materials – much like the Hickory Falls?

But, don’t stop your search with a collection of log home floor plans. Find images that illustrate what you like and what you don’t like.  Pictures not only help you fine tune your vision but also help you communicate that vision to your architect.

It is important to remember that the log home floor plans showcased here in this blog are simply starting points. A good place to bring together different ideas. So, go ahead, start exploring and find what inspires you the most!  Log homes, timber frame homes, & hybrid log & timber homes

Rustic Log Home Tradition & Modern Living

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Log Home Floor Plan - Upland Retreat See more Modern Style Mountain Homes.

Imagine a mountain log home retreat that combines what you love most about rustic traditions but with a flare of modern living. With the latest log home design from M.T.N Design & PrecisionCraft Log Homes, you get just that! This month’s unique Craftsman style log home design, the Upland Retreat, is a remarkable handcrafted log home and timber frame hybrid. As a hybrid log & timber design, the Upland Retreat incorporates handcrafted log home elements, stone, glass, metal and timber frame. This impressive combination of materials has created quite the “buzz” among today’s log home enthusiasts.The Upland Retreat log home floor plan also features:

• Seamless corner windows designed to make your view part of your home
• Unique metal roofing on porches
• Blend of handcrafted wall logs and timber frame trusses, posts & roof

At M.T.N Design and PrecisionCraft Log Homes, the creativity of the log home designer and the architectural style preference of the client determine the materials to be used in any log home design. PrecisionCraft’s stated mission is to stay flexible in manufacturing, producing just about any log or timber product their designers can come up. Providing the designer with a broad palette of materials including log, timber, framing, glass, stone, steel and other materials creates more opportunity for a unique and creative custom home. When it comes to custom log home design, it is critical that the design comes first and the materials then accommodate the design.

Each month, the team at M.T.N Design and PrecisionCraft work to create a log home plan that inspires today’s log home enthusiasts. Recognizing that design is the first and most important step in bringing clients’ visions to life, PrecisionCraft’s monthly log home designs give clients the perfect place to find what elements and styles inspire them the most.