Finding a Little Inspiration for Your Own Log Home.

Fine Tuning Your Log Home Vision

What is the purpose of showcasing different log home floor plans?

To inspire you. To get you thinking about your own unique home – whether it be a rustic log home, an artfully crafted timber frame home, or a hybrid home.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine walking through the door of your getaway mountain retreat. What do you see when you first walk into your home? Rustic log pillars? A view of the mountainside outside the glass wall facing you? How do you plan to use your home – to entertain? Or, is your home a private retreat for you? As you make the journey up your driveway, what does your home look like? How is it positioned on your land?

One of the best ways to bring your log home vision together is to explore a variety of log home floor plans and to find log home pictures that inspire you.  Then, find an architect experienced at designing log & timber frame homes that is willing to work with you to not only understand your vision but also to brainstorm with you the style, look, feel, layout, and size of your home.

Each month, our architectural division, M.T.N Design, works to create a new log home design. These designs reflect our past experiences with our clients, our architects own passion for log homes, and the latest trends in the log home industry.  Will one of these new log home floor plans meet your every need and expectation? Probably not. But you will find certain features in each plan that inspire you, that make you rethink your own log home vision. In addition, every new floor plan is professionally rendered to help you think about the look and feel of the exterior of your home.  What does your log home, timber home, or hybrid mountain retreat look like? Is it rustic in appearance – much like the Caribou plan? Or, is your dream home more modern in appearance with an eclectic use of materials – much like the Hickory Falls?

But, don’t stop your search with a collection of log home floor plans. Find images that illustrate what you like and what you don’t like.  Pictures not only help you fine tune your vision but also help you communicate that vision to your architect.

It is important to remember that the log home floor plans showcased here in this blog are simply starting points. A good place to bring together different ideas. So, go ahead, start exploring and find what inspires you the most!  Log homes, timber frame homes, & hybrid log & timber homes

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