Focus On: Natural Lighting

Thoughts of log homes have not always been associated with bright and open spaces, but now, with the right design, this atmosphere is easy to attain in your dream log or timber home. To achieve this look and feel, the inclusion of natural light is important to consider when you begin your project. By talking with your designer, you can add elements to your home design that will bathe the interior in natural light all year round.

Glass Prows and Window Walls 

These window configurations are often seen in the great room of the home and other view corridors. Depending on your personal design requirements, there are several ways these window walls can be comprised. You might prefer the aesthetic look of smaller windows put together to complete the wall, or perhaps your goal is to have completely uninterrupted views through fewer, larger windows. While these features do create great windows for spectacular vistas, they are also important for letting natural light in.

Clerestory Windows and Dormers

Clerestory windows and dormers offer similar lighting benefits while each having their own architectural features. Clerestory windows are located above the eye level in your home to allow light from the early morning as well as dusk to filter in without sacrificing privacy. Dormers also allow elevated, natural light into the home by protruding from roof lines along the exterior. Dormers can also be shaped in different varieties including eyebrow, shed, and gable to fit with your overall architectural style.

Sun Rooms

In areas with more temperate climates, a sun room offers enclosed spaces where natural light can filter in from all angles. These rooms are aptly names as they are bathed in sun, allowing a bright and open space to enjoy the beauty of nature from the comforts of your home.

Unconventional Solutions 

With the evolution of technology have come some exciting solutions for filtering light into the home. For example, Nana walls® are wall systems comprised of glass that fold completely out of line of sight to create an open passage between your interior and exterior. The use of Velux® windows are another brand solution that place windows in the slope of your roof to create a dramatic lighting effects. Additional options would include tinted windows to control the level of light intake and remote control shades. These architectural features are just a few more great ways for natural light to filter into the home when and how you want it while also allowing fresh air and uninterrupted vistas to be appreciated as well.

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