Focus on the Garage, Don’t Forget the Design

It takes a lot of time, planning and consideration when you build your first custom log home. When you are investing in a project as big as a new home, you want to be involved on every level of the building process, including the fine detailing in every room. While getting caught up in the excitement of the design process, it can be easy to overlook areas in your home where there is seemingly little designing to do.

The garage is one such room that often gets overlooked, but it too deserves the attention to detail that you give to the rest of your home. While it may seem like just a place to put your vehicles, you will be surprised with what you can actually do with your garage space.  Here are some things to consider when designing your garage.

Above-Garage Living

Installing a living space above the garage is a popular way to create more room for your home without drastically changing your floor plans. This space is great for creating an in-law or guest suite for company, for giving your teen their own space or even for an in-home theater.  With all the possibilities of what you can do with this space, it is important to consider where you would like its entrance be located in relation to the rest of your home. Some people prefer to have the entrance to their living space located in the garage, while others may want an entrance in the garage as well as outside the home.



It’s not what you think, this does not mean including a fast food restaurant in your building plans. A drive-through garage is set up where there are two vehicle entries to allow for a car to pull through the garage upon entering and leaving instead of having to back out of one door. If you are someone who has snowmobiles or other recreational vehicles, you know how difficult it is to maneuver them in a small space. Having a drive-through garage, or even a “toy” garage for all of your extra vehicles, would eliminate this problem.

Heated Floors

While this may seem like an unnecessary luxury to some, heated floors are a great way to keep your garage warm, especially in colder regions and colder seasons. If you utilize your garage space for more than just storing your vehicle, for instance; you want to add a work bench for tinkering on cars, you need a space for your tools or you were thinking about a recreational area, heated floors would open up the possibility of using your garage year-round.

Mechanical Rooms

garage_3.gifIn larger scale homes, the inclusion of a mechanical room is a serious thing to consider due to the larger quantity of appliances and machines needed to run your home. Drafting your garage design to include space for a mechanical room or even just an area set aside for your furnace, water heater, etc, is something that will be important for the layout and functionality of your garage space.

Special Areas

The possibilities are endless with what you can do with your garage space. For those who live on the green or just love to golf; add a parking space for your golf cart, or if you really love to boat and you have a nice waterfront location; consider adding storage for your boat. If you are a lover of skiing, you know the mess your equipment makes once the snow has melted; adding an area with a drainage piece can eliminate that slushy mess. From adding an area to hide your garbage cans to creating a secure safe for your guns, the design process for your garage can be fun as well as practical.

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