Focus On: Vaulted Spaces

When you envision a log or timber frame home great room, what comes to mind? Chances are the space you have pictured has a vaulted ceiling. Vaulted areas, especially in the great room, are common in log and timber homes because of the way in which they are built, the necessity of extra light, and as a way to capture views. However, the configuration of vaulted spaces within your log home is dependent on your own needs and style. Great Room Window

The Structure

With the ability to have taller walls comes vaulted ceilings that are perfect for picture window prows and can make a smaller great room appear larger and more spacious. Truss systems are exposed along the length of ceiling spaces—showcasing the beauty and craftsmanship of each wood connection. While sitting in the great room, you can simply look up and see the beauty in a timber truss and the robust power of a log connection. Vaulted spaces are also common within the master suite, making the room feel more open and luxurious. Some plans even have tall enough ceiling spaces in the master to include a loft.

Light and Views Great Room View

Vaulted spaces can have a great impact on your ability to light your log or timber home. Windows can be placed high on the walls of a great room to let in more light. Windows not only let natural light stream in throughout the day, but they also enhance your wood home’s connection to its surrounding landscapes. Vaulted rooms tend to have a prow with windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling, allowing nature and beautiful views in.

Heating and Cooling

With the expanse of a vaulted space comes a common concern of how to effectively heat and cool it. Many families incorporate radiant heating into the floors; while others include ceiling fans as ways to help maintain the temperature in their home’s expansive communal area without excess expenditures.


Talk to your architectural design team to learn more about vaulted spaces and how to efficiently incorporate them into your floor plan.

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