How to Get the Design You Want

How do you get the design you want? There are many answers to that question, but today we are going to focus on how to modify an existing floor plan idea or concept into a plan that has a layout which works for your family, is constructed from the materials that you prefer, and fits into your budget range.

In the Beginning. . . 

If you are going to modify an existing plan.  First you have to find the plan to work from.  There are three basic elements to your timber or  log home design: layout, architectural look, and the product (log or timber) used to construct it.  Try to find a design that meets your basic needs or desires in one or more of these categories.  The best option is to find  designs that come close to your needs in all three areas, even if you have to find three different plans.  If you can show your architect the type of layout, choice of material,  and a basic style preference, the design process will progress quickly.


Blue Ridge Layout ExampleModifying the layout of a log home design depends on the quality of your architectural firm.  A custom home is not the same as a log cabin kit plan.  Let’s assume you are working with a group that is capable of making any kind of update you want.  If you have a layout that is close or contains the basic footprint of what you are looking for, modifying that plan to fit your exact needs is easy.  Below is an example of how a client of ours modified our Blue Ridge Floor Plan Concept.

Learn more about Adjusting the Layout of any Log Home Floor Plan.

Product Selection

The look of your home and the cost to build it will be greatly affected by the type of log or timber you choose as construction materials.  Do you prefer log, timber or a combination?  Do you like handcrafted or milled logs?  If you find a layout or style of home you like, that design can be redesigned using the product combination you prefer.  This is important to understand when you are searching through all of the floor plans.  For instance, don’t neglect a section of plans just because there were originally designed as timber instead of log. Here is an example of how a plan can be redesigned.  View more product options.

Blue Ridge Layout Example

Complexity of Architectural Design

Most people think about the size of a plan and many understand that handcrafted logs, for instance, look differently and cost more than milled logs.  Complexity of design, however, is a concept that the majority of custom home builders don’t think about right off.  Complexity can be seen, but not easily articulated.  Comparing a rendering which shows multiple roof lines, angled sections and lots of corners has a different look and feel than a home with four walls and a single roof line.  Learn more about complexity of timber and log home designs.

Log Home Complexity Example

Your Final Design

By better understanding what you prefer, what is possible, and how these changes affect your final home and it’s cost, you will be much more likely to get the design you really want.

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