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At PrecisionCraft, we know the popularity of our floor plan gallery not only stems from the one-of-a-kind design concepts it features, but also from the exciting examples it provides of how past clients have altered a particular design. In a campaign to show our clients the freedom they have to customize their design beyond minor layout changes, we’ve started a four-part series highlighting real client project modifications. Below we list these four areas of design that we will focus on.

Square Foot Reduction

Altering Square Footage

Requests to reduce or enlarge a floor plan’s overall square footage are common, but sometimes difficult for clients to envision. We’ve worked with empty-nesters who love the dynamic layout of a larger plan but want to reduce it to fit their two-person lifestyle, as well as with clients who are drawn to a specific smaller design but need more space. Whatever size you want your home’s square footage to be, your designer will work with you to ensure that the details you love in the original concept will carry through to your own unique design.

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Adapting Product Styles

Another popular modification our clients ask is if they can adapt or change their project’s product. Whether it is a milled log design concept altered to incorporate timber framing, or a handcrafted floor plan adapted to a mountain accent, our in-house design firm, M.T.N. Design can work with a plan’s design to utilize your preferred product style.

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Changing Product Type

Adding or Removing Levels

Adding and removing the amount of levels you have in your home is another way to modify the original concept you love to better suit your needs. For the newly retired couple who is looking to their future lifestyle by wanting to reduce the use of stairs in their floor plan, this may mean turning the concept the like into a single level home. For a family building on a mountainside, adding a walkout basement level may be a natural choice to better take advantage of their sloped property.

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Redistributing Square Footage

Often times we will have clients come to us who have selected a design concept that they love, at roughly the square footage they desire, but the layout isn’t quite where they want it to be. For some, that might mean mirroring the floor plan to better suit their property. Or for others, it could mean eliminating an office space to expand their master bathroom. By redistributing the existing square footage of a plan, we are able to achieve your desired layouts.

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