One Couple’s Journey: A Legacy Timber Frame Home

For years, PrecisionCraft and M.T.N Design have released a new log and timber frame home design each month. The purpose? To inspire and excite log home enthusiasts world-wide and to give them a variety of creative plans to browse.   With over 65 of M.T.N Design’s most admired log home plans now showcased online, PrecisionCraft’s wide ranging floor plan gallery offers a lot of design inspiration!

So, what’s next for this artistic duo?  Showing you how these great designs come to life, of course!  Hold on tight as this creative team takes you for a detour over the next four months, sharing real life stories of how M.T.N Design’a new design creations come to life.   Get the inside scoop on what inspired each home’s design – was it to build a legacy for family generations to come, to incorporate “green” elements to ensure energy efficiency, or to create an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy?  Despite the reason behind the design, you are sure to find inspiration for your own log home design here!

This Month’s Story: Building a Legacy Home – see how Kelly and Marie take M.T.N Design’s Laurette Chateau floor plan and turn it into their own legacy timber frame home!

Kelly & Marie’s Story

BONUS Feature!   Each online feature story is equipped with an interactive floor plan tool.  If you like the layout of the great room and want to see it come to life, simply click on the room… easy as that!

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