Specialty Rooms

Pool Room

A traditional theme in mountain-style homes is the focus on central gathering spaces. Great rooms, kitchens and dining rooms blend to create spacious, open floor plans for groups of all sizes to come together. While these spaces are very common within log and timber homes, here are a few examples of unique rooms that you may not expect to find in the average log home.

Exercise Room

From lap pools to saunas to personal gyms, the inclusion of dedicated exercise spaces are becoming more common.  People who build homes in the mountains tend to have an  active lifestyle. By including spaces for an indoor lap pool in the winter or a sauna to sit in after a long day of skiing, their mountain-style home allows them to bring their passion for exercise into every season, no matter their location.

Animal Rooms

Sauna Room

Birds, Cats and Dogs, oh my! By designing rooms for animals of all shapes and sizes, families are able to incorporate their love for their furry friend into their home.  One such client dedicated a room to her parrots, including a central drain and an old vault cage door in the design. Another client, tired of dog paws across the floor, added doggy doors and showers in the mud room to create a buffer between the home and the outdoor dirt.

Secret Rooms

Building a new home should be an exciting and creative process. With all of the freedom to customize your log home, why not add private spaces of your own? We’ve created plans with secret playrooms in the back of children’s closet, studies behind swinging bookcases and even safe rooms for added precaution. There is no limit to the rooms we can include in your home to fit your unique lifestyle.

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