Strategies for Designing your Dream Home

Planning your dream home is something you may have been doing for years, probably before you even purchased your land.  Once you have the land and your budget in place you can start to make those dreams of owning your own log or timber home a reality.  The Log Home Council has put together some strategies to help you along your path.  Below are a few experts, please visit the log home council’s article for even more strategies.Log Home Great Room

Create a Digital Scrapbook of Ideas

Visit photo galleries. Start collecting photos of the features you like, for each room in your floor plan. This research will help clearly convey your dream home to an architect.

Are Designs Copyrighted?

While dreaming is free, home designs may not be. Floorplans may be copyrighted. Any restrictions on duplicating plans are usually stated with the plans, on the website or at the beginning of the printed publication in which the plans appear.

Questions to Ask Yourself 

As you peruse designs, start to ask yourself some basic questions.
• What type of design do we want: single-story ranch, 1-1/2 story, split-level, two-story?
• How many square feet will we need?
• How many bedrooms do we want?
• How many baths?
• Do we need any special areas for our hobbies or toys?
• How about a home theater, a custom kitchen or exercise room?
• How much storage space will we need?

Break it Down by Area

• Make sure your floor plan includes activity areas for the following:
• Work Areas: home office, kitchen, laundry, pantry
• Sleeping Areas: bedrooms, bathrooms
• Living Areas: living room, dining room, family room, guest bath
• Storage Areas: basement, garage, out-buildings

Start a ‘Rather’ List

Create a “rather” list, i.e. “I’d rather have this, rather than that.” This will help establish priorities as you work on your design and budget.

Top three “must have these” features in my dream log home:

Top three “these would be neat to have” features in my dream log home:

Top three “love these, but my lender will likely disapprove” features in my log home:

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