The Many Locations of the Crested Butte

PrecisionCraft’s award-winning log and timber home floor plans not only embody quality craftsmanship and unparalleled designs, but are architectural creations that inspire homebuilders across the country and beyond. M.T.N Design’s Crested Butte plan is an exceptional example that has captured the hearts and minds of people in every region of the United States as well as regions throughout the world, and has spurred them to build versions of it that fit their land, style and architectural needs while still retaining the essence of the design that first caught their eye.

The Crested Butte is a hybrid design that mixes log walls, timber, siding, rock, metal and glass. It is a true Mountain-style home design that has inspired many. Here are just a few adaptations that we have built over the course of the last few years:

North Carolina Built on a North Carolina lakeshore, this version of the Crested Butte was built to emphasis the size of the plan. The homeowner chose large handcrafted logs, not typically available in their area, instead of hybrid log and timber construction. The finished product is a western-style log home that is complete with a walk-out basement leading to the lake and an open loft area within, making it a version of the Crested Butte that is one of a kind.

Handcrafted Creste Butte

ColoradoBuilt amongst Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, this adaptation of the Crested Butte is nearly double the square footage of the original, but still remains the most representative of the design’s unique features. The essence of the Crested Butte’s western look and feel is seen in the hybrid style of the home, combining the advantages of the views of the surrounding landscape with stone, siding and wood to make a home that is one of a kind while staying true to the design aspects that so many like about the Crested Butte.

 Colorado Crested Butte

New JerseyWhen people picture homes in New Jersey, they do not typically see a mountain-style home in that imagery. However, the Crested Butte, with its hybrid log and timber framing, fits perfectly into the landscape. The unique addition of a curved piece in the timber trusses that is repeated throughout the length of the home creates a distinct flair to this version of the Crested Butte.

New Jersey Crested Butte

Mediterranean— The Crested Butte is a design that has proven to be so versatile that its western architectural style has reached locations as far away as the Mediterranean. This version uses milled red cedar log walls and timber framing. Expanding the initial design to an impressive 8,000 square feet, this home brings the original look and feel of the Crested Butte to a new height in an exotic location.

Mediterranean Crested Butte

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