The Many Styles of a Log Home

Building a home of log or timber creates a structure that is uniquely characterized by its product. While wood homes are seemingly easy to point out, this does not mean that they all look the same. Architectural style, layout and customization all play parts in distinguishing one log home from another. Here are a few styles of architecture that help define the different appearances your wood home can portray.

Western Log and Timber

This style of log home is what we like to call a true mountain-style home due to the typically large-scaled elements used in the design. The lodge-like charm of a western log and timber home includes large picture windowsBig Sky Design to take advantage of the vistas provided by their sprawling landscapes. The Big Sky is one such design concept that includes massive handcrafted log walls and trusses along with stone and glass to create the classic lodge appeal.


The Adirondack style of building originates from a rugged architectural style that began within the Adirondack Mountains. Distinguished by their rustic appearance, Adirondacks promote a natural look that Ticonderoga Designis organic within its location. With lower pitch roofs, rough detailing of log and twig and stone foundations; these plans are both imaginative and comfortable. The Ticonderoga is a popular floor plan concept in this style due to its rustic appeal. While not as heavy or imposing as the Western Log and Timber style, the Ticonderoga is built with the unique character of a classic Adirondack, including twig designs in the porch and truss system.

French Country

LauretteChateau_largeIn contrast to the mountain-esque appeal of the Western Log and Timber style and Adirondack style, the architecture of a French Country wood home is reminiscent of a traditional countryside estate. Known for their narrow overhangs, smaller windows and stone accents, these log or timber homes fit right into their surroundings while still retaining a stately presence. The Laurette Chateau design concept features all of the attributes of French Country architecture, including smaller curved windows and custom truss work. The square log walls and timber frame accents create a provincial feel against the subtle pitch of the roof.

To explore more styles of timber frame & log home architecture visit the PrecisionCraft Architectural Styles page.

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