Frank Lloyd Wright & Log Homes?

You could feel the energy in last week’s log home design meeting escalate at the mention of Frank Lloyd Wright. Our client, infatuated with the crisp clean architecture found in Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs, challenged us to mix in elements of his favorite architecture with our square log walls.

As the design meeting kicked off, the team found itself working with a list of spaces and dimensions rather than a sketch of the home. From this list of spaces and dimensions, we began to assign relationships and ended up with a bubble diagram to give the client a feel for the general shape of his log home floor plan. Eureka, we were on the right track. Now, we just had to refine these relationships and put a scale to it all. The result is remarkable; a contemporary modern layout which emulates Wright’s genius for this type of design.

This unique log home will be built in Steamboat Springs, CO. A place where Frank Lloyd Wright will meet the Rockies. A log home with horizontal lines and low pitched, hipped roofs is the perfect contrast to the tall peaks of the Rockies.

The envy set in as we all began to imagine sitting in the glass walled space inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, looking out over the terrace to a high mountain meadow and lake with the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop. Yes, we are on the right track; on our way to creating a simply amazing log home design. Every log home design meeting is different. Learn more about M.T.N Design and their exclusive log home designs.

M.T.N Design are the industry’s finest log home designers.

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