When a Log Home Plan Has You Sleeping Under the Stars

It was a typical design meeting where a client had selected one of PrecisionCraft’s  log home plans as a starting point for the design of his own log home.

As with every design meeting, this one took a unique turn with the discussion of the client’s vision for his Master Bedroom. Looking for a connection to the outdoors, the client began to tell a story…a story that illustrates a theme that we, as log home designers, hear all of the time. It begins with a love for the outdoors and the need to have a home that “takes in” the outdoors.

This client shared his story of a friend that “put his bed on rails.” What in the world did the client mean by this? Well, after some explanation, we discovered that their friend decided to have rails installed – rails that connected his bedroom to the deck outside. With a love for the outdoors, this rail system allowed their friend to simply push his bed outside and sleep under the stars. An interesting way to stay connected with the outdoors, don’t you think?

The “rail system” is an unusual solution and may not appeal to most people. However, it does make you think about the importance of designing a log home that works with the outdoors.

After some brainstorming, an old fashioned sleeping porch off the master suite might just do the trick. It could be a screened-in porch or something more like a Sunroom. A gazebo might also be an idea…maybe a porch of some sort with skylights or an open gable. Once you let your imagination wander, the possibilities begin to come to light. This client will have the log home he has envisioned for so long — a log home that flows effortlessly to the outdoors!

Take a look at some of PrecisionCraft’s award-winning log home plans and let your own imagination wander.

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